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Standing Up To Federal Overreach

It’s a guiding principle of Our American Revival: The powers of the federal government should be limited to those specified in the Constitution, and that federal overreach infringes on our American freedoms and values.

Republican governors and state elected leaders across the nation are standing up to the burdensome influence of a growing federal government.

The EPA under the Obama Administration is a classic example of big government gone awry.

The Waters of the United States (WOTUS) rule recently released by the agency, which aims to define the waters that fall under federal oversight and the regulations that apply to those waters, goes far beyond its intended purpose. The rule change is raising serious concerns in a wide array of industries, especially agriculture, that more government intrusion will have real, averse impacts and make their work harder – not easier.  The EPA’s proposed carbon rule for power plants as part of the administration’s Clean Power Plan poses a similarly alarming potential for overregulation.

But big, bold leaders in our states aren’t standing idly by as D.C. threatens to unilaterally expand its reach. They are calling attention to undue federal interference in matters better handled by states, and they are taking action to put power back where it belongs.

Governors like Scott Walker of Wisconsin have been steadfast in pushing back against the EPA. As Wisconsin joined a number of other states in suing the EPA over the Clean Power Plan, Walker detailed in a May letter the “inaccuracies, questionable assumptions and deficiencies” that make the Clean Power Plan “unworkable” for Wisconsin. Walker also spoke out strongly against the agency’s WOTUS power grab.

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin this spring issued an executive order outlining her state’s refusal to comply with the EPA’s Clean Power Plan, saying, “I will not submit a [plan] to ensure Oklahoma’s compliance with such a clear overreach of federal authority.”

And last month, 16 states with concerns about expanding federal authority sued the EPA over the WOTUS rule. Ken Paxton, attorney general for Texas, said in announcing his state’s intention to sue, “The EPA’s new water rule is not about clean water – it’s about power. This sweeping new rule is a blatant overstep of federal authority and could have a devastating effect on virtually every property owner.”

An American revival will begin in the states, not in Washington, D.C. The states – and the big, bold leaders who guide them – are fighting to take our nation back from big government bureaucrats and return power to the hard-working taxpayers.