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OAR Blog – Strengthening our Conservative Voice

Some have called the Republican Party fractured, some have called it broken and some have just said that the Party has lost its way.

While the mainstream media may have pulled the majority of this conjecture out of thin air, one thing remains true; regardless of how the Party is viewed today it must rebuild and rebrand itself as the commonsense conservative voice of reason it used to be.

With a Speaker’s race underway in Washington, as well as a number of close and contentious house and senate races, not to mention the presidential race, on the horizon – it is clearly time to regroup and ensure that our conservative values of limited government, fiscal responsibility and speaking out on the side of freedom are heard not only on a national level but on the local level.

So what should we be doing? As conservatives it is time to get off the couch now. Stop yelling at your television when someone on the left tells and out-and-out lie. Get up, get involved. Call your local Party headquarters and answer a call to service. Go make phone calls, help knock on doors for a city council candidate that is speaking the truth to the people.

Now is the time that we get back to our roots and start electing commonsense conservative voices on the local and statewide level – we will once again have a stronger voice on the national scene that cannot be ignored when we make that happen.

Our victory in 1980 with President Ronald Reagan did not begin there – it began years earlier when conservative voices banded together and got him into the governor’s office in California. The Republican Revolution and Contract with America of 1994 didn’t begin on a whim – it was a concerted effort on the part of MANY to stand by a single united message and build out from there.

We have obviously banded together before and it has worked wonders not only for conservatives, but also for the nation. We can, and will do it again. The real question is how will you help strengthen our voice?