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OAR Blog Post – Paul Ryan, the Conservative Unifier that this Nation Needs

With the recent announcement that John Boehner would be stepping down as Speaker of the House a number of up-and-coming as well as stalwart Republicans in the house have floated their name in the hopes of becoming the next speaker.

While any number of good conservative lawmakers would make a tremendous next voice of the conservatism for the American people, no other name has the recognition and gravitas as the current chairman of the Ways and Means committee.

Congressman Paul Ryan is the absolute perfect choice to be the next voice of reason and levelheadedness from the nation’s lower house.

Under his watch we may actually see conservative ideals get to the voting floor, and we may be able to better stand against the liberal agenda that has been rammed through under President Obama.

Representative Ryan is no stranger to adversity on the House floor he has fought long and hard for the tenants that we, as conservatives, believe in. He has a connection with the American people that few elected officials do. He is believed. His word is bond and people of all political philosophies know that when he says something, he not only means it, but he will back it up and get it done.

There have been factions growing in the Republican Party for decades; some see this as a problem, others as a strong voice of contention to the status quo. At the end of the day Republicans of all stripes want the same thing. We stand for smaller government, limited regulation, and lower taxes.

With Paul Ryan at the helm of the ship, we can once again feel confident that the ideals of the party will not only be met, but will be the guiding light to bring necessary change to Washington.

As conservatives, we have long asked for someone with a strong backbone to lead the party from the House floor and the backrooms of Washington.  We are about to get the best of both in Representative Ryan and our nation will be better for it.

At Our American Revival, we strongly urge you to contact your representative in Washington today, and let them know your support for our conservative future in the hands of Congressman Ryan is unwavering, as theirs should be as well.