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OAR Blog Post – Freedom Will Not Back Down

Sometimes words fail us, after this past week, this seems to be one of those times. Once again terrorists have usurped headlines and pushed themselves to the forefront of discussion throughout the world.

The tragic events in Paris are devastating to the psyche of a free people. But only in the short term, we have already witnessed a coalition of the brave, strong, and bold stepping up to stop the train of havoc that these cowards have thrust upon the world scene.

Yes, more than 100 people have lost their lives to senseless idiocy and a lost ideology that preaches hate and discord. And yes, once again ISIS has proven they are definitely not the JV team in world terror.

However, our resolve will not be broken while it has been tested. Together, the world will unite under the banner of freedom and we will beat back this heinous act and those like it in Lebanon and Kenya and beyond. We will avenge our brothers and sisters regardless of the lands they call home, we will work together to push back this new front of cowardly behavior that has once again reared its ugly head.

In order to do so we must band together, it is in times like these where we find ourselves reaching out and engaging our allies while pulling them closer to enable a empowered and connected front.

Today is a time for mourning and for helping those stricken with grief over the atrocious acts perpetrated upon our friends and neighbors abroad, but tomorrow we will pick ourselves up and be ready to engage the enemy on each and every front by encouraging and standing with our allies in the face of this horrendous act.