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OAR Blog – Obama’s Diplomacy puts Russia in the Driver’s Seat

For the better part of six and a half years our President has been long on words and short on action. He has planted his proverbial flag in the sand and watched it float away during high tide.  His rhetoric is neither tough nor believable and the world has realized that he is nothing more than a paper tiger.

While at the same time, Russian President Vladimir Putin has staked his international reputation on flexing muscle and ensuring that a show of force is his calling card.

Whether it be in Crimea or the Ukraine, Afghanistan or Syria, Putin has made it abundantly clear that his show of force is the only international diplomacy that he needs. At the same time President Obama sits idly by and draws lines in the sand that are continually crossed by those who wish to do us harm without a single repercussion.

For example, this past week both heads of state gave impassioned speeches at the United Nations. While Obama’s was light on substance and heavy on conjecture, Putin stood in firm defiance of the majority of nations and continued to showcase how he alone would deal with ISIS and the growing insolvency issues in Syria. He continues to support the tyrannical regime of President Assad and is working directly with those in Iran who want nothing more than the utter destruction of our way of life.

What happened to the old edict of talk softly but carry a big stick? What happened to the Reagan era mantra of peace through strength?

Alas, under the current administration we have lost that edge. We have lost our will to be the bastion of freedom heard throughout the world.

Is this a lost cause? The answer to that question is a loud and resounding NO. We are Americans, we do not give up, we fight through adversity, and we strive to make the world a better place. And now is the time to stand up and make that happen again.

We have a choice as Americans; we can act like our current commander-in-chief and sit back while those in the Kremlin continue to impose their will on nations who could use our help, or we can stand up and be heard.

We must act now, through our conservative elected officials and ensure that we will no longer allow the administration to sully our reputation in international affairs.

Gone are the days of polite smiles and flowery language on international issues. We must return to the place that has always been our center, we must return to helping our allies and encouraging all around the world to strive toward freedom.

We have a long year ahead of us until the next election cycle ends, it is high time to make sure that we once again put a person in the White House who will look after our needs at home AND abroad, and will ensure that we are once again a respected voice of reason in the international theater.