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OAR Blog – Human Trafficking, The World’s Problem, Our Conservative Solution.

Throughout history the search for freedom and equality has always been a mainstay of the human condition. This is especially true when looking at the history of our nation and the fact that the founding fathers put that sentiment right in the opening lines of Declaration of Independence.

We are a nation that believes all human beings are created equal and that we are all endowed by the created with the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. While there is a dark history of slavery in our country, we have come a long way to rectify our past sins and build a bright future for all.

Despite all that we have done as a nation, human trafficking still exists. What most people do not realize it the extent to which it is happening, and how many people are being coerced into a life of slavery worldwide.

According to the U.S. State Department and the Department of Justice, sex trafficking is a $150 billion industry with more than 27 million victims worldwide. These are staggering and downright frightening numbers.

Regardless of ideology, this is one situation where the right and left can agree. Freeing people from the bondage of slavery is a must. Because, despite what you may see on TV or in the movies, this is not just a big city problem, this stretches across our country from rural to suburban to urban areas, and we must band together to put an end to it in our country and across the globe.

A number of states run by conservative legislatures and conservative governors have stepped up to the plate to answer the call to put an end to these horrific injustices.

In face new human trafficking laws were passed in 39 states in 2014, and according to the Polaris project, a number of these laws were strengthened in states with strong conservative leadership.

The sheer volume of those, throughout the world, under the thumb of another through human trafficking is horrifying. However, here in the United States, almost all states have increased their awareness of the issue, and a number of right leaning states have taken much needed positive steps toward putting an end to individual tyranny.

In South Carolina, for example, the definition of sex trafficking was expanded and the penalties for engaging in the trafficking of another human being were dramatically increased. Rather than a fine and a small amount of jail time, individuals now may incur heavily financial penalty and the potential for up to 45 years in prison for a third offense. Or in, Tennessee, where the Polaris Project gives the state a rank of 9.5 out of 10 in terms of combatting human trafficking, the state has increased the penalties in asset forfeiture and incarceration time for anyone who holds another in human bondage.