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OAR BLOG – How Can the Minority Party Silence Our Voice?

Thirty-Six hours… When it comes to Iran, this is all the time we have left to make sure our voices are heard through our elected officials in Washington. This ill-conceived and disastrous deal with a hostile nation does nothing to protect Americans, our allies in Israel or the safety of the world that can only currently say that Iran doesn’t have nuclear capabilities.

Try as they might the left has nothing to stand on when it comes to this deal. We can hold no trust for a country that has lied in the past and will continue to lie into the future. We must have our elected officials ALL stand and VOTE for or against this deal.

The sad fact is, the Democrats in the U.S. Senate want nothing to do with this deal, they know it is toxic and will hurt them in the coming election.

As the majority party, we MUST make waves, we MUST stand accountable and we MUST ensure that the other side of the aisle does as well.

If the Democrats want to lift sanctions against one of the world’s largest funders of terrorism, we should make them say that. If they want to release $150 billion to the people who have said they will stop at nothing to rid the world of Israel, we should make them say that as well. If the Democrats are so proud of this horrendous, “diplomatic” answer to the world’s legitimate worry about a nuclear Iran, we should make them stand up individually on the senate floor and MAKE them say that.

We have thirty-six hours to get them to see the error of their ways. The path this president and his executive branch have set us on is troublesome and will be tragic for our allies and ourselves in the future.

A procedural hurdle should not stop these elected, yet seemingly unaccountable cowards the ability to NOT have to stand by their actions. By simply allowing the Democrats the ability to walk away from having their vote heard and counted, not only by the U.S. Senate, but by the people who put them in those offices is unconscionable.

Senator Dan Coats from Indiana said it best when he remarked, “My hope is that Senate Democrats will hear from their constituents and allow an up-or-down vote on President Obama’s Iran deal this week. An issue of this magnitude deserves a vote in the world’s greatest deliberative body.”

His words ring true, so true in fact that notorious liberal icons like Senator Charles Schumer and Senator Ben Cardin sided with the Republicans when it came to this spectacular disaster.

We, as conservatives, should bypass the procedural rules and make sure that the voters of the United States see exactly where each and every elected official stands when it comes to any dealings with nations who do not have our best interests at heart.