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ICYMI: Walker Shows Leadership On Foreign Policy

National Review: Who Needs to Bone Up on Foreign Policy?
By Colin Dueck
June 11, 2015


Scott Walker’s leadership style during his time as governor is an interesting contrast to Obama’s. When Walker was elected governor of Wisconsin, there was a gaping state budget deficit. He decided, quite rightly, that the only way to address this challenge was to face down the public-sector unions. To say this was a controversial decision would be an understatement. It rallied nationwide resistance against Walker from organized labor and liberal Democrats, including a 2012 recall election. Yet in spite of the most outrageous attacks, he stuck to his guns. The outcome was that he won the recall election, brought Wisconsin’s budget under control, and then won reelection in 2014. These dramatically successful struggles may not have been about foreign policy, but they do reveal qualities of leadership that are entirely relevant to being president, and that Obama has never demonstrated. These leadership qualities include:

  • Do what you say you’re going to do. For some reason, this is viewed as exceptional in Washington, D.C. In the country’s heartland, it is simply expected.
  • If you draw a red line, enforce it. If you don’t intend to enforce it, don’t draw it in the first place.
  • Actually work to solve problems. Do not simply give speeches and then walk away.
  • Don’t lead from behind. Just lead. If and when you achieve results, people in the middle will recognize and reward your success.
  • Understand that the practical test of an effective policy is not whether it fits the good intentions of liberals, but whether it works on the ground.

In his own Midwestern way, tough but low-key, Walker has demonstrated all of the above traits during his years as governor.

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