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ICYMI: Governor Scott Walker’s Winning Record In Wisconsin

Colorado Springs Gazette: Walker’s record speaks for itself
By Editorial Board
June 30, 2015

Before his first election in 2010, Wisconsin unemployment stood at 9.2 percent. Today, it is 4.5 percent. Wisconsin’s labor participation rate is above the national average. Walker inherited a $3.6 billion deficit; today he has a surplus. The state’s “rainy day fund” is 165 times larger than the day Walker took office. He has the only fully funded state pension in the country.

In taking on labor unions, Walker ended tenure for teachers and policies that rewarded them mostly for seniority. Walker prefers rewarding teachers for high classroom scores and other good results. Today, Wisconsin schools hire and fire almost entirely on a basis of merit. The result: reading scores and graduation rates are up, and Wisconsin has the second-highest ACT scores of all states that require the exam.

Most recently, Walker enacted the country’s 25th right-to-work law.

“That means people have the freedom to work without being forced to be in a labor union,” Walker said.

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