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Governor Scott Walker: Small Business Is Serious Business

To see the promise of the American dream, we need look no further than our country’s small businesses: they represent opportunities seized, risks assumed, and a chance for success and prosperity ahead.

Small businesses in this country are the building blocks for economic growth. If we want to create jobs and revive our economy, we need to put policies in place that support our nation’s entrepreneurs and their enterprises.

The key is to foster an environment where start-ups can flourish, and, in Wisconsin, we have made tremendous strides doing just that.

We’ve prioritized a special session on jobs, in part to address regulatory reform. This effort has led to the review and repeal of burdensome regulations. Cutting red tape and knocking down bureaucratic hurdles makes it easier for small business to get off the ground, to grow and to succeed.

Beyond reining in regulation, we’ve worked to increase funding for business accelerator programs in an effort to increase the number of start-ups in Wisconsin. Programs like these provide the tools and support aspiring entrepreneurs need to move from ideas to action.

Most importantly, we know that creating a low-tax environment is essential for growth, and we’ve taken bold action to ensure Wisconsin follows that model. We’ve lowered taxes by $2 billion for individuals, employers, and on property. We included a $650 million income tax cut in my last budget – the largest income tax cut in 14 years – and followed it up with an additional $98.6 million cut. Property taxes are lower today than they were four years ago.

Reducing the tax burden on Wisconsin’s small businesses and the middle-class families who fuel them ensures their future is in their own hands, not the government’s.

Because qualified workers lie at the heart of each and every good business, last year, we added $28 million in grants for technical colleges to train thousands of workers in Wisconsin’s high-demand fields. Students trained in these programs are ready to step into jobs available today and better prepared to take on the jobs of tomorrow.

We’ve enacted a bold, comprehensive reform agenda to bolster and grow the state’s small businesses, and the best part is: it’s working.

In 2014, a Gallup survey showed Wisconsin to have 4th best hiring climate, and the state recently jumped from 17th to 14th in Chief Executive’s survey of best states for business – Wisconsin’s highest ranking.

Our country needs leaders who understand that small business is serious business. With a strong national fabric of job creators and big, bold leadership to support them, a more prosperous America is within reach.

– Governor Scott Walker