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A Great Education is a Moral Imperative

Bold leaders in our states have had a great deal of success in recent years advocating for and instituting education reforms, especially when it comes to school choice.

As Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker puts it: “Every child in this country deserves access to a great education. For me, that’s a moral imperative.”

Governor Walker has long supported school choice. As governor, he has expanded the number of charter schools, lifted the limits on virtual schools and provided more help for families choosing to home school their children. Walker also expanded the Milwaukee Parental School Choice program to add more students, more schools and working class families. Later, he expanded school choice across the state. You can read more here.

And Walker is not the only leader taking on significant and meaningful education reform.

In Nevada, Governor Brian Sandoval recently signed a bill creating education savings accounts (ESA), which hold funding parents can use for educational expenditures at the school they choose for their child. Nevada is the fifth state to adopt such a program.

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, a Republican who took office in January, signed into law the Succeed Scholarship Program, the state’s first private school choice program, changing the conversation and the dynamic of educational choice in that formerly blue state.

We can provide our nation’s kids with a great education if we’re willing to give control to those who know them best. Moving funding from the bureaucracy in Washington, D.C. to the state and local level means more efficiency, more effectiveness, and more accountability. We need leaders who trust parents and will support more quality choices for all of our children.